BoomLife Video- BoomShare!

At BoomLife, we're passionate about helping people achieve values-driven success in their personal, professional, and organizational lives. We wanted to share stories about amazing people who are doing great things in the hopes of connecting them with people who they can help and vice versa! So, we started this BoomShare! series of video interviews. 
We hope they inspire you to do something great!

Episode #15- Gary Loper- Powerful Tweeting

He's a life and business coach, a Twitter expert, and motivational speaker. Please welcome Gary Loper to BoomShare! Episode #15! We'll talk about the power of a single tweet and coming from a place of service to differentiate oneself in an ocean of others vying for attention.

Episode #14- Nicole Sdao- is The Place Where Non-Profits Profit.  How? You ask. founder and CEO, Nicole Sdao, will be answering that very question and more in this episode of BoomShare!

Episode #13- Ashley Rae- Brand Logic (Her Voice Her Brand)

Ashley Rae, owner of Brand Logic, is a dynamic combination of brand visionary, marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and professional business consultant who has an ability to cultivate a brand’s potential and position her clients as experts in their industry. That, along with her true desire to inspire and empower other females, has lead to tremendous success for both her and her clients. I'd be delighted if you joined us as Ashley shares her story in this inspiring episode of BoomShare!

Episode #12- Thomas Ritchie- SiouxCityNow

Thomas Ritchie is the Chief Firestarter at Team Creative Fire, a marketing company based in Sioux City, Iowa. Team Creative Fire provides website, social media, video and digital marketing services to clients big and small.

Episode #11- Tony Beaumont- ConnXN

Peter was born in England and has travelled to over 80 countries and lived in 13 cities in 8 countries – so far! He started his career in sales and marketing with Cadbury-Schweppes in the UK and has worked for and with some of the most well-known brands like Phillip Morris, Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Creata. In 2012, Peter started his own consultancy company, ConnXN and he recently published his first book, "The Relationship Roadmap," where he shares his revolutionary method of evaluating, identifying, and measuring relationships to identify the greatest opportunities for effective sales and marketing strategies.

Episode #10- Dr. Tony Paustian

Dr. Tony Paustian is an author, speaker, publisher and designer. His award-winning work has been featured on a variety of national media including CNN, Wired, USA Today, CNBC and NPR. He is passionate about inspiring people and helping them become more imaginative and creative.

Episode #9- Danny Beyer- The Ties That Bind: Networking In Style

Danny Beyer is a networking specialist and bow tie aficionado who has achieved success in both his personal and personal life through networking. He is a keynote speaker on networking and building real connections and the author of the new book, The Ties That Bind: Networking With Style. Join us for BoomShare! Episode #9 as Danny tells his story and the values that drive his efforts to share the secrets to success through relationships.

Episode #8- Tom Henricksen-

Tom Henricksen is helping IT professionals make the most of their careers. He is the author of the new book, Cracking the Career Code and owner of As Tom says, "It’s not enough to be an IT professional with great technical skills.  It’s also important to be able to showcase your talent."

In addition to being a speaker, author and coach, Tom is the Development Services Manager at Zirous.

Episode #7- Max Feller- Create Reason

On this episode, we're going to learn about the values behind Max Farrell's newest endeavor, Create Reason, a startup dedicated to driving innovation inside companies. Max is a Little Rock native splitting time between Arkansas and the road. As co-founder of Create Reason, Max works with companies to engages employees through innovation and rethink how we approach work. Prior to Create Reason, he worked with Iowa-based payments startup Dwolla as the team raised $30 million and expanded the network nationally. In addition to professional efforts, Max is also a facilitator for Startup Weekend events across the United States. In his spare time, Max is a sound hip-hop artist and avid sportsman. 
Come join in the conversation as we share Max's story!