Friday, September 19, 2014

The Sun Has No Comfort Zone

The Sun Has No Comfort Zone

Do you believe you have a great idea? Do you have a dream?

Your idea does not become something great until you've shared it with the people in the world around you and it helps them in some meaningful way. 

Yes, you may fail at first. The first time you try to share it, you might not actually help anyone. 

Perhaps the idea doesn't work quite right and needs to be redesigned or tweaked. Failure hurts, but it provides a signal that you need to put forth more thought, more effort, more of yourself.

Perhaps, you're presenting it in a way people aren't willing to they reject it. Rejection can be painful in a soul-scraping way

Failure and rejection create two questions. Each question creates a different path and you need to choose which one you'll answer:
  • Why don't they like my idea?
  • What do I need to do make my idea recognizably helpful to them?
The first question will take you down the path to becoming afraid of success. It will lead you to think the idea has failed and you'll feel rejected because it was a part of you. You will not like the pain you feel and will want to protect yourself from it in the future. You'll feel overwhelmed by the challenge of helping the unwilling and crawl back into your comfort zone. You like it in that place of comfort and you won't try again so you'll decide to stay. You'll become complacent.

The second question compels you to focus on the problem you need to solve. It provides you with a forward path that helps you get past the pain the failure creates (oh yes, you'll still feel the pain). You will think about why solving the problem is important to you. Conviction will drive you to take the next step. You will shine your idea out to the world again, only it will be better.

Protecting yourself from future pain if your idea, your dream, does not immediately come true only ensures you will not make it come true.

Think about this. Help can only be given to living beings. The Sun only helps one planet out of the eight in our Solar System (sorry, Pluto). The first two planets reached by it's rays are therefore not helped so it fails at it's first two attempts to be helpful. 87.5% of the planets it shares it's light with reject any help it tries to provide.

Aren't you thankful the Sun has no Comfort Zone?

It looks pretty cold out there, doesn't it? 

Shine your light. Find the way.
Find the willing.

What life-giving opportunities do you miss by keeping your idea, your dream, protected in your Comfort Zone?

I wrote my book, Finding Success: Get What You Really Want? to help people use GPS Theory to ask themselves the best questions so they can focus on the challenges they need solutions to and find the the conviction to overcome failure. 

It's my way of shining my light so I can find the way to help people in meaningful ways.

Tom Eakin
Success Engineer, BoomLife

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tear Away the "Veneer of Uncomfortable Truths"

Tear Away the "Veneer of Uncomfortable Truths"

It is a courageous person, indeed, who is willing to break down the illusions we often turn into "truths". I wanted to share a few quotes from the moving and courageous human story in this TEDx video. 

Here are a few points to watch out for in the story:

~7:42- "The old adage, 'With age comes wisdom,' is not true. With age comes the veneer of respectability and a veneer of uncomfortable truths." 

~17:45- "There are no such things as facts. There are only versions. We all tell ourselves the version of the story we can best live with. Each...builds up an edifice which they are reluctant to, or sometimes unable to, disassemble."

A veneer, like a facade, is designed to hide the truth about something...or someone. 
Finding Success

Are you willing to tear away the "veneer" with which you cover your "uncomfortable truths" about who you are and what you can be so you can live the life you dreamed of when you were a kid?



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