Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tear Away the "Veneer of Uncomfortable Truths"

Tear Away the "Veneer of Uncomfortable Truths"

It is a courageous person, indeed, who is willing to break down the illusions we often turn into "truths". I wanted to share a few quotes from the moving and courageous human story in this TEDx video. 

Here are a few points to watch out for in the story:

~7:42- "The old adage, 'With age comes wisdom,' is not true. With age comes the veneer of respectability and a veneer of uncomfortable truths." 

~17:45- "There are no such things as facts. There are only versions. We all tell ourselves the version of the story we can best live with. Each...builds up an edifice which they are reluctant to, or sometimes unable to, disassemble."

A veneer, like a facade, is designed to hide the truth about something...or someone. 
Finding Success

Are you willing to tear away the "veneer" with which you cover your "uncomfortable truths" about who you are and what you can be so you can live the life you dreamed of when you were a kid?



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