Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Agony & The Ecstasy Of Being Genuinely Me

The Agony & The Ecstasy Of Being Genuinely Me

Anyone who has created anything understands what I mean when I say there is both agony and ecstasy in sharing oneself with the world. I am experiencing these two emotions as I prepare my first book, Finding Success: Get What You Really Want, for publishing.

About twenty years ago, I read Irving Stone's, The Agony and the Ecstasy: A biographical novel of Michelangelo (it was also made into a 1965 movie with the same title starring Charlton Heston and Rex Harrison). Michelangelo has always been one of my favorite artists because he changed the way the world looked at art. You see, Michelangelo painted people differently than anyone else. He showed the human form in a way no one in his culture had ever seen before in works of art. He depicted the curves and shadows formed by muscle and bone structures and it brought his subjects to life. He accomplished this by illegally learning about how the human body is formed through the dissection of human cadavers. Michelangelo risked severe punishment to improve his art. He took this risk because the culture he lived in forbade the level of learning he sought about the human body.

When he shared his new work with the world, I can imagine how Michelangelo agonized over whether people would accept his work and the ecstasy that comes from believing you are creating something that helps humanity take another step toward an understanding of the truth about each and every one of us.

These thoughts occurred to me this morning and I wanted to share them. I am in ecstasy over the work I've done to create a system that helps people find values-driven success in their personal, professional, and organizational lives. Yet, I agonize. I am sharing myself, the person I've been and the person I want to become. With Finding Success and with GPS Theory I am asking all of humanity to do the same. I am challenging the status quo.

Finding Success Launched
in December, 2014
I agonize over the fear that no one will value the ecstasy of being genuine more than the deceptive comfort one perceives from avoiding the agony of being ignored or rejected. I have a deep concern that no one will be willing to even consider the question, but the ecstasy I feel in delivering what I believe will genuinely help people think about and see success differently so they can live the lives they dreamed of when they were children powerfully overcomes the following fears:
  • Outside of my circle of family and friends, virtually nobody knows me. How will I be able to find the people who need...and want... the help I can provide with GPS Theory to help them satisfy their craving for success?
  • I have proven time and again that I am not very good at marketing. How will I be able to find the people who can help me make Finding Success a success?
I honestly do not know the answers to those two questions? I am scared to death I may never find them. But, I will invest my self, my love, my time and my resources tirelessly into this work because whether they are the answers I want, or not, I will get answers from the people in my world. I am trusting in them (in you). I will learn. I will react and adapt. I will keep trying. I will always get back up. I will never give up. Because I have conviction, I am committed.

Conviction comes from what you believe in. I walk my path feeling both the agony and ecstasy that comes from believing Finding Success and with GPS Theory are the most powerful and positive gifts to humanity I can give. I present them from a position of love. They are a part of what is genuinely me. My greatest hope is my creations will help people share their genuine self with the people in their world so they can experience the values-driven success that comes from relationships based on love, brotherhood and trust. It starts with you. Thank you for reading this.



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