Friday, July 26, 2013

Why Are People Afraid of Success?

Why Are People Afraid of Success?
In every Situation, we make a Decision, take an Action (Behavior) and there is a Result.  This cycle is repeated continuously.

Every Result can be placed into four categories.  I call them "The Four Universal Results: Reward, Status Quo, Punishment Avoidance and Punishment.  

What we want are the Rewards.  

Seeking valuable Rewards requires Risk of Punishment.  We don't want Punishment so we tend to operate in our Comfort Zone, the place where we feel safe because the situation doesn't change.

The balance we have a tendency to seek by remaining in our Comfort Zone is intended to mitigate Risk of Punishment as we seek Rewards which means we limit our potential to truly grow.

I propose when we allow "The Four Universal Results" to be our primary drivers, we become most limited and fearful.  I call this "The External Results Model" (shown later).  

Before we try to find "Success" we need to understand what we truly value. 

 When we truly want to live according to our Core Values, we have less concern with the externally controlled and temporal results and more focus on being the person we want to be.

If we overlay the Core Values diamond over the The Four Universal Results, we can begin to recognize several insights:
1)  When we place the primary focus of our Decision-Making and resulting Behaviors on the person we want to be, our Core Values Inspire us to expand our Comfort Zone. 

2)  It's possible to be the person we want to be and enjoy the Results we desire when circumstances allow (Green, inside the Blue).  

3) Sometimes getting the Results we desire causes us to be someone other than the person we want to be (Green, outside the blue).  

4)  Often, being the person we want to be means nothing changes for us and we're stuck with the same Situation we were in before we decided to act (Yellow & Orange, inside the Blue).  

5) Sometimes, when we're not the person we want to be, nothing really changes either, but we don't have any control over that, do we?

6) Bad things can happen to us whether we choose to be the person we want to be, or not!

Life-Long Success happens when our Behaviors are in alignment with our Core Values.  We are afraid to succeed when we are afraid to be the person we WANT to be.

Be courageous! Be Bold!
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