Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BoomShare! Episode #1- Mike Ballman- Oneida Square Project

BoomShare! Episode #1- Mike Ballman- Oneida Square Project

A Little Background on BoomShare!

As I've stated many times, my passion, which is also my mission, is helping people achieve
personal, professional, and organizational life-long success. I believe success is a bit of a "hairball" of a subject because it's definition changes between people and sometimes from day-to-day. 

That's why I came up with this definition:

Success- Getting what you want AND being the person you want to be.

It's also why I created GPS Theory.  But, that's not the point of this post.

I also believe it's important to share stories about people who are doing things that are fulfilling, things that make them satisfied with themselves and their own efforts. These stories can only feed the flames of inspiration for others and help them find the conviction they need. 

I believe there's only way to get what you want, by being the person you want to be! 

So, these questions popped up a while back:
  • What if I could share stories of the amazing people who are doing great things? 
  • What impact would it have on people who want to do great things but don't know where to start or don't believe they can make it happen? 
  • What if the people in those stories were willing to tell others how to get in touch with them?  
These questions have been kicking at me for the past six months. Last week, I decided to do something about it. So, I started BoomShare! a series of video interviews designed to answer all of those "What if...?" questions. 

Boom Share- Episode #1

For Episode #1, I chose Mike Ballman because he's been doing some amazing things for a long time. He fed my inspirational flame a few years ago when we'd reconnected after almost fifteen years. Mike's also a life-long friend of mine and I knew he wouldn't be too upset if I messed up recording the interview a bit...which I did. So, here's the first interview, sans introduction (had to cut it because I made a few mistakes). But, don't worry about the introduction, it's probably the least important reason why we did the interview.  Besides, I'm sure I'll have Mike back as a guest or co-host someday soon and will have a chance to make it up to him. For now, check out the interview we recorded for BoomShare! Episode #1.

What's Next?

My goal is to post a new interview every week. Episode #2 has already been recorded so look for Zak Fick's story about the business idea he's investing a lot of time and effort into: Help University when I post it on the BoomBlog! next week.

I Need Your Help!

I know a lot of amazing people who are doing great things. But, it's not always easy to find a time that will work for both them and for me to conduct the BoomShare! interviews. So, I need to keep the pipeline full. Why is it so hard? These people are busy!

Do you know someone who is doing something incredible because they're allowing their values drive them to be the person they want to be? I'd really appreciate an introduction. My suggestion is to paste the following text into an email and send it to them...feel free to edit as you see fit...make sure you copy me (tom@goboomlife.com) so I can follow-up:

Hi ________ (Insert amazing person's name here),

I recently learned about Tom Eakin's project, BoomShare! Tom is sharing stories about people who are doing amazing things by living by their values every day. The cool part is, he's letting them do that using their own words. He's searching for more incredible people to interview in one of his BoomShare episodes and I thought of you and the work your doing______________________ (fill in the amazing things this person is doing and where, here)!

What's the point? Well, you never know what can come out of sharing your story in a new way with people you don't know. Your story could feed the flames of inspiration for someone else! You might be able to help them in ways they never imagined! They might be able to help you in ways you never imagined! The possibilities it could create are unknown and infinite at the same time!

All you need is to be willing to invest 1-2 hours of your time. Tom does the interviews using Google Hangouts On Air which means as long as you have a webcam and an internet connection, you can tell your story from anywhere!

Tom's going to follow-up on this email to find if you wanted to be a part of BoomShare! I hope you do! My role is to make the introduction. It's up to you two to take it from here!


__________ (Your name here...thanks for doing this...you're amazing too!)

I Can't Wait!

I can't wait to see who you send my way! I can't wait to meet them! I can't wait to hear and share their story!


Tom Eakin
Success Engineer, BoomLife

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