Friday, January 16, 2015

Be a Tenacious Failure

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Failures provide opportunities to understand the gaps between what you wanted and and the results you got (internal & external) in any situation (Hint- Gaps always exist. Always.)

If you're interested at all in getting better results in the future, you will take the opportunity to seek the root causes for the gaps and then adapt your efforts accordingly. 

You'll never get to a destination where all conditions are perfectly in your favor and where some, or all, of those conditions won't change in the next moment. The world always changes around you in ways you cannot possibly predict, therefore, you will always fail on some level and finding success is a neverending journey. 

So, if you're always going to fail, be a "tenacious failure." 

Here's How to be a Tenacious Failure:

Tenacious Thinking- Always think about and decide what you want (Success*) and the person you want to show the world in every situation (Values-Driven Actions*) so you will KNOW what to do to get both (Values-Driven Success*).

Tenacious Actions- DO things that will help you get what you want while being the person you want to be.

Tenacious Progress- Assess and evaluate- Did you get what you want while being the person you wanted to be? 
  • If no, BE dissatisfied with the gaps and seek to understand their root causes and what you need to do more of, what you need to do less of, and what you need to do differently the next time. BE satisfied with your decisions and efforts and you just might find happiness...even when you fail.
  • If yes, BE satisfied with the choices and actions that got those results, but also, BE alert! The world will keep changing around you. Your new success is now your status quo...BE a Tenacious Thinker.
Three simple words: KNOW - DO - BE = The Path to Success

The Alternative

If you're not willing to be a tenacious failure then you're making a choice to ignore the gaps (the gaps that always exist. Always). You become complacent, blinded by the boundaries of your comfort zone. Stuck and fearful of the success you really want

Ultimately, even if you try to blame the world, you become dissatisfied with yourself. 

Then, you'll just be a regular ol' failure.

Now, that's no way to truly live, is it? 

The Hardest Part is the Part You Usually Avoid

Truthfully, the hardest part to master is the thinking part. We human beings can be impetuous and foolish- the human heart and it’s constant craving to be filled so often compels us to focus on getting what we think we want- we too often forget about the person we really want to be.

In my book, Finding Success, I share a number of stories from my own life that show how much pain I created for myself by not failing tenaciously. The stories in the book illustrate the difference seeking values-driven success made in my life and the lives of the people around me once I created GPS Theory and started sharing it with the world. I started really living for love, for faith, honor, charity, and reason by seeking to understand, finding the courage to face the truth in every situation, and the creativity to do more to get what I want and be the person I want to be. By applying GPS Theory, any human being can create the mutually beneficial relationships they really want.

Tom Eakin is the author of Finding Success and Success Engineer at BoomLife, he helps
people achieve values-driven success. Through his writings, workshops and inspirational speaking, Tom helps people find and expand the sweet spot between what they value, what they’re good at, and what their situation requires so they can exceed even their own expectations. Tom is a former U.S. Army Ranger-qualified Combat Engineer officer with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Master’s Certificate in Executive Coaching from Bellevue University and has created stellar performance in teams in a wide range of environments. Originally from the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, Tom lives in Jefferson, South Dakota, near his three children with his wife, Julie. He is an active and passionate advocate for veterans and entrepreneurs in his community and region.