Sunday, January 5, 2014

One Simple & Easy Way to Help Someone Else

One Simple & Easy Way to Help Someone Else

Not one of us can be successful on our own. It takes people fulfilling all kinds of roles to support our efforts at getting what we want. It's about relationships. It's about our connections to people with whom we've created magical relationships.

Today, as I thanked a new connection on Twitter for following me, I noticed this photo on their profile and it helped me by making me stop and think for a few minutes about how I measure success.

I'm not a preacher. However, I do invest a significant amount of energy in my efforts to help people achieve life-long success. I believe getting someone to say, "I will do something!" is really close to the true measure of success for me. Close, but not quite it. 

The true measure of success, for me, is when someone says, "I am doing <> to get what I want and be the person I want to be!" Some will say I'm splitting hairs; it's a small difference in meaning but significant just the same. There is often a world of difference between what one says they want to do and what they actually do.

The One Simple & Easy Thing You Can Do

Today I'm interested in helping you by getting you to stop and think for a minute. Then, I want you to do something. 

I want you to share a story about how someone else has helped you and the value it has created in your personal life, professional life, or organizational situation.

Don't know how to write a story? Here's all you need to say, "I am sharing news about how <> has helped me solve <> so you'll know they can help you if you have the same problem!" 

Who will you be helping?

  • The people you're sharing your story with- By telling them about someone who can help them if they need a solution to the same problem.
  • The person, people, or organization who helped you- By promoting their actions and helping others see the value they can create.
  • Yourself- You'll be sharing, giving, helping, and connecting people who can create mutually beneficial, magical relationships!

I can't wait to read your stories! And, the stories those stories create!

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