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How to Provide Feedback to a GPS Theory Subscriber Who Has Requested It

How to "Rate" A GPS Theory Subscriber Who Has Asked For Your Help

Someone you know has just asked you to "rate" them through BoomLife's GPS Theory web-application.  

You received this request through one of the following sources:
  • An email addressed directly to you and sent from BoomLife (at their request).
  • A Facebook request they recently posted.
  • A Tweet they recently sent on Twitter.
You've been given a very valuable gift!  The gift of Trust!  You now have the opportunity to give them something even more valuable! Honest and Accurate Feedback that could change that persons life in positive ways! At this point, you can't even imagine the magnitude of the positive effect your ratings could have on their life...or yours for that matter.

Success is getting what you want.  Life-Long Success is getting what you want AND being the person you want to be.  You can't get what you want if you are not, first, the person you want to be. You can identify the person you want to be by answering this question: What words you want other people to use to describe you and the life you've lived?  The words you use to answer this question are your Core Values, they identify and define the person you want to be. 

It takes courage to share "the person you want to be" with the people in your World so they can help you understand if your behaviors reflect your Core Values. It took a lot of courage for this person to share their Core Values with you.  It took even more courage for them ask you for help!

What's in it for you?

This is an opportunity to:
  • Help Someone Grow!- Doesn't it feel great when you help someone? 
  • Help Yourself...
You're thinking, "What? How does giving someone feedback, especially feedback they probably won't like, going to be helpful to me? Doing that can only create trouble for me!" Well, what if their behavior has not been in alignment with one of their Core Values AND it's been having a negative impact on you in some way. You've never told them about it because you feared it would hurt their feelings or would make them mad. You've always feared saying something would only make things worse. But, hasn't maintaining the status quo by allowing their behaviors negatively affect your life already caused enough trouble for you?  

Here's the good part: Providing feedback via the GPS Theory web-application is safe and confidential.  You can provide ratings with the security of knowing they will not know who gave them what score on any given value.  You are not alone. They have asked other people to provide the feedback they need. They only see the data. There is no way they can determine from whom each dot (data point) on their GPS Check Report (chart) came from.

Here's the really great part!: What if they actually change because of the ratings you provide them!?!  How much better would that make your own life and your relationship with them? Your trust in them will grow as they show you how important your feedback changing their closing the gap between the standard their Core Values represent and the ratings the people in their World...people like you...have given them!

What's in it for them?

When you provide honest and accurate ratings based on your observations of their behaviors in relation to each of their stated Core Values you are giving them the gift of being able to see what the people in their World see: The person they show the world versus the person they want to be! This is the most valuable information a person who really wants to live the life of their dreams can ever receive! You have the ability to give it and it will cost you next to nothing to give them what they're asking for.

Remember this: Because they're taking the risk of asking for your help, they recognize they will only gain and keep your trust if they change. So, give them what they're asking for and help them change in ways that are meaningful to both of you. 
They will grow only if they step outside of their comfort zone and have the courage to change. They may only find the courage to change if you help them. You have an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life and in your own World!

How long will it take?

The GPS Theory web-app makes it so easy!  It will only take a few minutes.

How do I "measure" or "rate" a person based on their Core Values?

A Core Value represents a standard.  For example, let's say "Truth" is one of the Core Values you're being asked to rate someone on. This person is telling you, "I want to be honest!," and that 100% honest behavior is the standard of conduct they are trying to live by.

The first question you need to answer: Has (place their name here) been (place Core Value here) 100% of the time I've had the opportunity to observe them?
  • If Yes, you can confidently give them a 100% rating.
  • If No, you have some thinking to do.  Anything less than 100% means they've compromised when it comes to deciding what actions they should take in certain situations.  What message do you want to send them? A higher rating that is less than 100% and indicates it's not that important they change? Or, a lower rating that let's them know their behaviors have impacted you, one of the people in their World, negatively? The answer is up to you.  
The folks at BoomLife want to remind you of this fact: This person has told you the word you're rating them on is so important to them that they've chosen it as one of only a dozen, or so, words out of over a million words in the English language. It is a word they want other people to use to describe them. You should only use this word to describe them if their behaviors allow you to. This person will only change if the data the people in their World (like you) provide them indicates they need to. Can you see now just how valuable your answer really could be to them? If you don't give them an honest and accurate rating, and their behavior needs to change in some way, they will keep making the same mistakes they've made in the past.

Remember these important things:

  • Success is getting what you want.
  • Life-Long Success is getting what you want AND being the person you want to be.
  • You can't get what you want if you are not, first, the person you want to be.
  • This person has given you a valuable gift! They're trusting you to help them be the person they want to be!
  • It took a lot of courage to ask for your help!
  • The gift you can give them in return could be PRICELESS to them...and to you!
  • You can help them without the fear of conflict or reprisal- They will never know how you answer!
  • They are asking for the truth. Give it to them!
  • The help you provide this person could make your relationship with them stronger than you ever thought possible! 
  • You have the same opportunity as this person does to live the life you truly want! Why not take it! 
If you want to be:
  • INSPIRED by your Core Values
  • The person you WANT to be.
Then try the GPS Theory App on our website at

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